About Unsketch

With the rise and success of unlimited design service such as designpickle and manypixels, I think I can offer similar service but with front-end/coding. This service can play as an extension of the unlimited design service.

The only problem is that I can't offer unlimited service like these 2 companies because coding just takes more time. I don't want to over-promise but fail miserably at the delivery.

So I had to make an adjustment, I offer my customers a number of orders they can have in a month for a flat monthly price. Hopefully, the price I'm offering is reasonable and cheap enough to get people subscribed.

My goal for now is to make a few subscribers to validate my idea and get the business started. I'm trying to be transparent and share my experience in this blog. If you're interested in the business or the journey, please subscribe to my newsletter.

- Bhakti